Antique Dealers: the British Antiques Trade in the 20th Century, a cultural geography

Professor Reinhold Behringer

Reihold BehringerReinhold Behringer is Professor of Creative Technology at Leeds Metropolitan University with more than 20 years experience in the development of prototypes for Human-Computer Interaction Technology. After studying physics in Würzburg (Germany) and Buffalo (USA) he got his Doctorate with a thesis about his development of a computer-vision based vision system for road lane marking tracking for autonomous driving (UniBWM, 1996). From 1996 on he worked in the USA at Rockwell Scientific as Senior Scientist and Program Manager and developed Augmented Reality (AR) systems for industrial applications before AR became mainstream on mobile phones. After he became Professor at LeedsMet in 2005 he got interested in geo-centric interfaces as means for conveying location-related information. He is also a classical music enthusiast and creates renditions of symphonies solely with a PC. His personal interest is in history and heritage, and he has been involved in several local initiatives in Leeds related to industrial heritage.

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